Der Core Kiteboarding XR4 Serie ist ab sofort verfügbar

The Core XR4 is here! The XR4 is a power delta bow kite that performs in a wide variety of conditions. Here’s a kite that’s a handy booster, easy cruiser, and reliable in the waves. The XR4 and XR4LW are available in TechBlack for the first time, along with Core’s traditional white and yellow colourway. For more details, check out the press release from Core below.

The Core Kites XR4 performs in the waves.

XR series. For any wind. And any style. A power delta bow kite for pure adrenaline pumping hangtime. A kite that delivers ridiculous whoo-hoos in any conditions. A kite that always has your back.

The Core XR4 is a gift to any freestyle kiter.

And now available, for the first time ever, in a color other than our original white (BrightWhite10) version. “TechBlack10, as we call it, has special meaning to us.” CORE Chief, Bernie Hiss, explains. “Our legendary sister company, Carved, introduced its first kite in 2005. And exactly ten kite iterations later, CORE is a world leader in kite innovation.

The Core XR4 is made with it's new proprietary CORE ExoTex® dacron.

CORE releases the new 4th generation XR4 with proprietary new materials and more aerodynamic design. The XR4 distinguishes itself from the prior model with the use of CORE ExoTex® Dacron. Relentless research went into our new proprietary Dacron, a fabric that sets structural performance benchmarks in strength and abrasion resistance. ExoTex® allows us to
improve airflow by reducing the leading edge and strut diameters. Despite reducing all five strut diameters our new ExoTex® Dacron improved kite stiffness and flight characteristics. The XR4 is more stable, can point higher, depower more and go bigger. Yes, we squeezed even more hangtime in for those seeking the ultimate big air machine.

Although the highly rigid ExoTex® frame delivers crisp, powerful feedback it doesn’t mess with the XR’s legendary easy riding comfort. The XR4 has not forgotten its roots as a kiter’s first kite. Or its reputation with aerialists and wave riders.

We carried over features like our Intelligent Arc flight control and Short Bridle System that made the previous generation so good in the first place. We tweaked some features to make them even better. Like reducing pump time by improving airflow in the Speed Pump System. And adding new Grintex® patches on the leading edge and tips for better protection.

We just love how the kite responds to our Sensor 2 bar. Feedback is precise and immediate. Trim adjustments are effortless. And if you happen to eject, no problem, the kite will drift depowered on one front line until it comes to rest in a launch ready position.

The new XR4 comes in 9 flavours, I mean sizes, and 3 in the XR4 LW edition. Check out the XR4 at your local CORE retailer.

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Die Weltelite trifft sich in Tarifa Kitesurfen

fondo video 1

Tarifa volverá a estar en el punto de mira internacional porque del 2 al 5 de julio, en la playa de Valdevaqueros se celebrará el primer campeonato de strapless que traerá a la élite mundial a la meca del kitesurfing.

El strapless es una nueva modalidad que aporta un toque de frescura al conocido freestyle, ya que se practica con tabla de surf y sin ningún tipo de atadura a los pies. Los riders combinan trucos de air-style y skate y poco a poco van introduciendo distintos pases de barra que aportan diversión y más complejidad.

Solo los ocho mejores riders del mundo estarán en Tarifa este año: Airton Cozzolino, Mitu Monteiro, Keahi de Aboitiz, Bear Karry, Matt Elasser, Patrick Rebstock, Patri McLaughlin y Matchu Lopes. Cada uno de ellos elegirá a otro rider más para competir en este invitacional que apunta a ser totalmente exclusivo.

Vienen de Autralia, USA, Cabo Verde… Y están dispuestos a dar a conocer a todo el mundo el alto nivel y la espectacularidad de esta nueva modalidad que combina lo mejor del kitesurfingy lo mejor del surf.

Aquellos riders que practicaban la modalidad de freestyle y se sentían estancados por la complejidad y el alto nivel de los competidores han encontrado una nueva oportunidad para este deporte, que además, también ha llamado la atención de aquellos que siempre han practicado el surf. De esta manera esta modalidad se populariza ofreciendo al público un deporte apto para todos los públicos: niveles y edades.

Tarifa es la meca del viento a nivel internacional, siempre está en el punto de mira de los deportes relacionados con el viento y todos los riders internacionales pasan por aquí para entrenarse de cara a sus distintos circuitos o competiciones.

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En la foto, Jan Marcos Rivera “Chamakito”, Campeón del Mundo Wave Master KPWT 2009. Residente hoy día en Tarifa. Foto de Lucas Tozzi.

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