Southcore Kite school BEGINNER COURSE

The beginners course of Southcore kite school Tarifa  consists of three main teaching sessions which we normally stretch over three days. The duration of each session is around 2 until 3 hours in dependance to your progress and conditions. Moreover the duration of the course mainly depends on its type. You have to keep in mind that private lessons will always be more efficient than group clases. Therefore we generally recommend private and semi-private lessons.

Session 1: Beach/ 2-3 hours

After you have completed the check in at our school the course starts with a small theoretical introduction to the world of kitesurf at our center. Our instructor will explain you the basic characteristics of the so called “wind window” which will be your flying area during the next two hours. Our teaching aims are the following

  • 2 and 4 line kite control mounting / starting / landing
  • Two and one handsteering of the kite
  • Walking / point landings
  • Power dives left and right side of the wind window
  • Experiential flying in the different zones of the wind window

Session 2: Water / Bodydrag

First water contact with kite. Adapt yourself to a new environment with your instructor at your side. You will lear how to balance yourself in the water with the kite. After having completed the above mentioned exercise you will achieve to make bodydrag by yourself coached over our radio helmets.

  • Balacing and positioning exercises with the kite
  • One handed side drags to the left and right side
  • Vertical power dives to both sides of the wind window
  • Relaunch of the kite from the water

Session 3 : Water / Waterstart

The focus of this session is on a save board and kite control. We will teach you how to efficiently organize your board kite handling and how to strategically move and position yourself into a good starting position.

  • Safe and efficient side dragging with the board to both sides
  • Learning the board-on manoever
  • Positioning exersise with the board to the wind
  • Starting with soft dives to enhace harness and bar feedback / communication of the student
  • Trying your first real waterstart attempts with your instructor
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If you have internalized all the exercises and the water start for you is no longer a problem, then your next goal will be upwind or upwind. Otherwise, you play as ever and a walk on the beach you will not be spared. Also in this and other learning processes we will be happy to accompany you.


Iniciación Playa2H59€21100%
Semi-Privado avanzados Avanzados*2H90€22100%
Supervisión + EquipoAvanzados*2H139€MAX. 33100%
Supervisón equipo propioAvanzados*2H99€MAX. 33100%

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